Testimony of a family ecovolunteering experience in Sumatra

testimonial volunteering sumatra

Matthieu and his family tried their hand at a committed family trip for the planet. They spent a week immersed in the heart of a small community, on a mission to engage with the people of Sumatra for biodiversity, in November 2022. Take part in the mission for biodiversity with the people of Sumatra. What is biodiversity?

Mission to animals in Australia: personal accounts

save animals australia

Testimony of Hugo Perroy, animal volunteer in Australia In a few lines, what did your international volunteering experience bring you? First and foremost, the ecovolunteering project in Australia enabled me to discover a new culture that is very different from ours, as well as many different parts of Australia. Volunteering made me realize that the world ... Read more

Testimonial: Ecovolunteer at the Elephant Foundation in Sri Lanka


Quentin Lefevre spent 4 weeks as an ecovolunteer with an elephant conservation foundation in Sri Lanka. > In a few lines, what did your international ecovolunteering experience bring you? I gained a lot from this project. Firstly, it sheds light on the condition of animals in Asia, and more specifically on the ... Read more

Léa, a whale shark ecovolunteer

whale shark nosy be

Léa went to Madagascar as an ecovolunteer on the island of Nosy Be to study the whale shark. Read on. Cap sur la Terre: Léa, can you tell us about the association you worked for in Madagascar? Léa: The program was run by the Madagascar Whale shark Project and Mada Megafauna. Mada Megafauna is based in Nosy Be, ... Read more

Testimony of Sandrine, on a mission with her family

Family ecovolunteering

Sandrine, an ecovolunteer, tried her hand at ecovolunteering with her family at a vervet monkey rehabilitation center in South Africa, with VolonTerre Africa. VolonTerre Africa: What motivated you to join Flore in the Vervets monkey conservation project, with her little brother Victor? Sandrine: My motivations were twofold. The ... Read more

Sylvie: ecovolunteering, a way of surpassing oneself

Ecovolunteer testimonial

Sylvie spent three months in South Africa at the end of 2018 and took part in three different African Adventure missions. She tells us about her experience at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and the Wildlife Conservation Project. What made you want to volunteer in South Africa? ... Read more

Sri Lanka: Laure shares her experience with sea turtles


Here's a testimonial from Laure, who went to Sri Lanka as an ecovolunteer with Urawatte Sea Turtle Hatchery, an organization she contacted on the spot and which works to protect sea turtles. Why Sri Lanka? It's a magical country, with mountains and tea fields, animals (elephants, leopards) in the ... Read more

New Zealand, Australia: two ecovolunteers speak out

volunteering new zealand

Gwendoline went on an English program combined with nature workcamps in New Zealand with Freepackers. 1 - In a few lines, what did your internship/volunteering experience bring you? Additional knowledge about the environment and conservation, and more specifically about New Zealand, but also the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice. 2. What did you ... Read more

Testimony of Sarah, ecovolunteer

Vervet monkey

Sarah, who spent four weeks in a rehabilitation center for vervet monkeys in South Africa, shares her experience with us. If, in turn, you would like to testify once you're back from your mission, please click here Name of the organization you went with VolonTerre Africa, Mission Rehabilitation center for ... Read more