New Zealand, Australia: two ecovolunteers speak out

Gwendoline went on an English program combined with nature workcamps in New Zealand with Freepackers.
1. in a few lines, what did your internship/volunteering experience bring you?
Additional knowledge about the environment and conservation, and more specifically about New Zealand, but also the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice.
2. What were your best memories?
Meeting the new volunteers every week and the projects we worked on. 3. Please rate the services offered on a scale of 1 to 5:
- pre-departure information: 5
- I had all the information I needed before my departure.
- Registration process: 5
- Agnes took care of everything and it was relatively easy for me. - Supervision / coordinators on site: 5
- Perfect organization, there was always someone to advise me.
- Volunteer project schedule: 4
- Busy schedule but I would still have liked to work a bit more.
- Accommodation: 5
- Nothing to complain about, we didn't lack anything.
- English school - quality of courses and facilities ? 5
- Top school! Given my level of English, I was lucky enough to be placed in an advanced group and to get my IELTS diploma at the end of the course after only 3 weeks.
4. Would you recommend this project to others?
I would definitely recommend this project.
5. Would you recommend Freepackers for international projects? Totally, I was not disappointed, on the contrary.

Animal rehabilitation center in northern Australia

volunteering in australia

An animal lover studying to become an animal caretaker, Marie spent 10 weeks with Freepackers at the animal rehabilitation center in northern Australia's tropical Queensland region. Here's what she had to say.

1. What did your eco-volunteering experience in Australia bring you?
It gave me more autonomy and taught me what it was like to work as an animal caretaker, which helps me even more in my future choices.
2. What were your best memories?
Not necessarily specific moments, but all the staff members and other volunteers were very nice, which made for a good overall experience.
3. Pleaserate on a scale of 1 to 5 the services offered:
- Pre-departure information: 3
- Registration process: 5
- Supervision / project coordinators: 4
- Volunteer and intern schedule: 4
- Food and accommodation: 3
4. Would you recommend this project to others? Why or why not?
Yes, if you love animals, it's a great project, and despite my initial knowledge, I learned even more! I'd recommend a mission abroad with Freepackers, there are so many international opportunities that it would be a shame to miss out!


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