Sylvie: ecovolunteering, a way of surpassing oneself

Sylvie went to South Africa for three months at the end of 2018 and took part in three different African Adventure missions. She tells us about her experience at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and the Wildlife Conservation Project.

What made you want to volunteer in South Africa?
What made me want to go to South Africa was above all the adventure, looking after animals, helping people in difficulty and discovering a new country and culture.

Your favorite missions were the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and the Wildlife Conservation Project, can you tell us why?
The rehabilitation center, because I got to know animals of different species and discovered the work involved in running such an association, raising funds, caring for, rescuing, releasing and passing on to younger generations.
The wildlife conservation project, for all the wildlife discovery, maintenance management and counting of endangered species.

What did this experience bring you?
This experience has given me the joy of meeting beautiful people, experiencing extraordinary things, surpassing myself, living in a community and learning a lot about wildlife.

What are your best memories?
Waking up to elephants close to our accommodation at the wildlife conservation project. Caring for and touching a serval and watching a lioness hunt in front of us.

Finally, would you recommend this experience?
I'd recommend this experience to go to the limit, to learn and understand how to manage a reserve, for the sharing and giving of oneself, for animal welfare. It's a noble cause.

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