Press coverage

infuenceur voyage ecoloInfluenth Le magazine de l'influence marketing, ranked me one of the Top 9 influencers specialized in committed travel.

Liligo travel engine in its page travel news on influential travel bloggers. The site recommends the Ecovolunteering Guide.

press-RTLShortly before the summer, Flavie Flamant and her team invited me to take part in the show "We're made to get along dedicated to useful vacations. To replay the radio show, click here.

press-v-autrementInterview by the Voyageons Autrement website, on the occasion of a conference given at the Forum National du Tourisme. Responsable, where I was awarded the Eco-responsible Traveler trophy.

press-la-depLa Dépêche du midi, during a signing at Isle sur Tarn, on the occasion of the festival du carnet de voyage.

edd-pressInterview on my world tour by La chaîne du site Education et Développement Durable dedicated to teachers.