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Get involved and change the world!

Would you like to make a positive impact on society and the environment while traveling? Do you want to help make a greener world? Get involved in an action that's close to your heart! Cap sur l'écovolontariat is a volunteering platform. programs are checked and selected. You will fing volunteering program, scientific travel and trainning. Save the planet!

  • Wildlife conservation volunteering is a form of tourism committed to the planet, in your country or abroad. You give your time, several hours a day, to sustainable program.
  • Scientific travel is an adventure that combines tourism and scientific projects. By taking part in a scientific trip, you give your time to a research project. During your stay, you'll be trained and accompanied by a researcher and science educators.
  • Our training courses are designed for all enthusiasts who want to learn more about biodiversity. They can also be the start of a professional career.  

wildlife conservation volunteering has a triple positive impact 

  1. You're living a wonderful and rewarding adventure
  2. Your impact on environmental protection is positive
  3. Through your action and your financial contribution, you are helping to maintain and develop sustainable activities in local communities.

Is volunteering for you?

For most of the volunteer program, you don't need to have any particular skills, just motivation. This type of committed travel is open to all, including families for certain associations.
The selected volunteer program enable you to take action around the world. You'll observe dolphins, protect turtles, monitoring of the Snow Leopard, participate in the development of agroforestry and permacuture, and learn to become a true naturalist.

How does the platform work?

We have set up a platform to put people in touch with organizations offering volunteering programs. These organizations can be NGOs, associations or agencies. They can be structures offering several missions, or small associations carrying out a single project.

  1. Choose your mission using the "Search by Country" or "Search by Theme" filters. All eco-volunteer program are presented in the form of an information sheet. You'll find a presentation of the project, the conditions of participation and fees.
  2. You enter into direct contact with the organization by clicking on "I contact the association". Once you've filled in the form, the organization (association, NGO, agency) contacts you. With some organizations, you have access to a sponsorship link entitling you to a 50-euro discount. Here you can ask any questions you may have.
  3. You book your ecovolunteering program with the partner organization.
  4. It's time for adventure!

Throughout the process, you can contactusif you encounter any difficulties. We also invite you to give us feedback once the mission is over.

How are assignments selected?

The missions presented on the platform are subject to a verification and selection process. We check the status of the organization and make sure it meets the ethical standards of an ecovolunteering trip.

Why choose Cap sur l'Ecovolontariat?


You have direct access to the organizations offering the volunteering programs.


You'll be in direct contact with associations, NGOs and agencies, free of charge.


Cap sur l'écovolontariat is a reference site for environmentally committed travel.


The trips offered have a positive impact on society, the environment and science.

Are you an agency, NGO or association that would like to offer your planet-friendly holidays on this platform? Contact us to find out how