Sri Lanka: Laure shares her experience with sea turtles

Here's a testimonial from Laure, who went to Sri Lanka as an ecovolunteer with Urawatte Sea Turtle Hatchery, an organization she contacted on the spot and which works to protect sea turtles.

Why Sri Lanka?

A magical country, with mountains and tea fields, animals (elephants, leopards) in the national parks, English-speaking people with whom it's easy and pleasant to communicate. The beaches are magnificent, and it's a perfect place to learn how to surf or see the world's largest whales. The cost of living is low and the locals are so friendly...

Laure, ecovolunteer in Sri Lanka.

Why sea turtles and this project in particular?

Sea turtles are in danger. Poachers hunt them and sell them and their eggs on the black market. The hatchery in Ambalangoda is top-notch! The founders of Urawatte Sea Turtle Hatchery are passionate about working with the government to help conserve turtles. What's more, this project isn't expensive at all, which is encouraging.

What is the role of ecovolunteers?

The various tasks entrusted to me were: cleaning tanks, feeding turtles (cutting up fish), burying eggs bought from the black market to see the hatchlings a few weeks later, cleaning beaches (essential when you're an ocean enthusiast), administering medication to turtles in need and releasing baby turtles.
I learned a lot about turtles during my time there. I also had a lot of fun working with this passionate team. I recommend this project to all nature lovers!

Thanks to Laure for sharing her experience.
Website of her host organization

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