Scientific travel for families with children

Have you ever thought of taking your family on a participatory science adventure? It's possible, thanks to our partner OSI, a specialist in scientific trips. These trips allow you to enjoy an enriching family experience while actively participating in research projects. These family learning vacations have the advantage of allowing young children to take part in the adventure of science. All our partners' science vacations here

Water chemistry and biology at the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes

  • Water chemistry and biology
  • Cantal - France
  • Family
  • From 04/08/2024 to 11/08/2024
  • From €599 (tax deductible)

This science trip for families takes place in the Cantal region of France, in the heart of one of Europe's largest volcano complexes. You'll be based in Coltines, a village adjacent to the Auvergne Volcanoes Natural Park. Your days will be punctuated by moments of relaxation, discovery and learning. Supervised by researchers or scientific educators, you'll take part in a number of field activities designed to analyze the various components of the environment in which you'll be evolving. Together with your children, you'll learn to detect different types of water pollution using research equipment. You'll discover fantastic landscapes on horseback or with cani-randos.

The scientific project

This scientific research project has been running for 20 years, in partnership with local elected representatives who take an active interest in preserving the quality of water and aquatic environments in the Cantal region. The good health of streams, lakes and wetlands is indeed a determining factor in a region's vitality. But how can we tell whether a stream is of good or poor quality? What can be done to protect this fragile environment? What links exist between water and the surrounding landscape? It's to answer these questions that these eco-participation vacations are organized.

Your action

You'll travel down the Alagnon river to the town of Murat. You'll take samples to measure specific parameters (pH, temperature, conductivity, depth, velocity) and look for macro-invertebrates in the water. You'll also study the quality of the banks. Back at the center, you'll analyze the chemical elements that indicate agricultural pollution (nitrate, ammonium, phosphate). You'll also study geology by taking samples of volcanic rock and analyzing them under a microscope. In addition to your scientific project, a host of sporting and cultural activities await you: horseback riding, dog sledding, crater tours...

Dates and prices

Next available dates:

  • 04/08/2024 to 11/08/2024 1 week
  • 27/07/2025 to 03/08/2025 1 week
  • 07/27/2025 to 08/10/2025 2 weeks
  • 03/08/2025 to 10/08/2025 1 week
  • Fees
  • 599 € : 1 week (tax deductible *)
  • 999 € : 2 weeks (tax deduction possible *)

Jurassic base camp in England

  • Paleontology
  • England
  • Family
  • 08/11/2024 to 08/18/29024
  • 1740 € (tax deductible)

Are you interested in paleontology? Enjoy an unforgettable family adventure in the footsteps of the dinosaurs in Dorset, England, one of Europe's richest regions for dinosaur and archosaur fossils. 

The scientific project

The Jurassic base camp in England is part of a project that has been running in the Swiss Alps since 2014, in partnership with the Paleontology Department of the Geneva Natural History Museum. It provides support for new techniques such as photogrammetry, drones, excavation techniques, cartography, identification...

Your action 

On this family-friendly trip, you'll go in search of dinosaur fossils! You'll be introduced to paleontological excavation techniques, including fossil cleaning and laboratory identification. You'll visit museums including the Dinosaur Center in Charmouth. You'll learn how to orient yourself in the field and recognize the layers of different fossiliferous eras. The whole family will get involved in the research program and participate in the daily activities of a camp group. 

Practical info

Located 3 hours' travel from London, the seaside town of Charmouth and Lyme Regis are iconic for paleontologists. The beaches are obligatory stops for all dinosaur researchers. Managing daily life will also be part of the experience. You'll share the chores, and all those things that make up the daily life of explorers will also be yours: preparing breakfast, cooking meals, distributing equipment to be transported... During the family stay, you'll sleep in beautiful bungalows (rooms of 2).

Dates and fee

  • 08/11/2024 to 08/18/29024
  • 10/08/2025 to 17/08/2025
  • Price: €1,740 (tax deductible) *

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The NGO partner

Partner NGO Objectif Sciences international has Special Consultative Status with the UN (ECOSOC) and is a member of the AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition. Specializing in scientific trips, science and participatory research, the NGO believes that education is the driving force behind the Sustainable Development Goals. It offers a range of participatory science trips for adults and minors. All OSI programs here