Read Rose's testimony about wolves in Russia

Rose went to Russia as an ecovolunteer with the Lupus Laetus association for the rehabilitation of wolves in the wild.

Here's his testimonial:

"POSITIVE POINTS: Contact with nature, wolves and animals in general. Learning how wolves live, discovering the Russian way of life, disconnecting from technology and the madness of the city.

NEGATIVE POINTS: There's no internet, little network, SMS and call charges too high. You have to take care of yourself and offer to help, otherwise you won't get anything done, MOSQUITO, preparing meals for the wolves (raw meat). There can be a lot of volunteers and trainees at the same time.

ADVICE: I recommend this mission because it's an incredible experience where you learn a lot about wolves, and about animals in general. You're really in charge of the animals, feeding them, doing some care etc. You're disconnected from everything and discover the Russian way of life.

Good to know: It's possible to do a bachelor's, master's or other degree internship with this association, as there are many opportunities to work on wolf behavior. What's more, the head of the association is very close to the trainees and helps with the internship report."



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