Volunteer on an ecological farm in Kenya

  • Immersion on a farm
  • Adults, solo, Families welcome
  • 2 to 4 weeks
  • Kenya
  • Language: French / English
  • From €880

Join us as a volunteer in Kenya, on a farm in the heart of the Great Rift Valley! This 10-hectare farm is made up of lakes, equatorial forest, meadows and small rivers. Wild animals live peacefully alongside domestic animals. This ecovolunteering trip is an opportunity to discover an authentic and wild Kenya, while contributing to the protection of the environment, farm animals and wildlife. All volunteer programs here.

Immersion on a farm in Kenya

The farm is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Since opening to the public in 2008, it has adopted an eco-responsible approach, carrying out actions to protect biodiversity and promote development in the rural area of Subukia. Its team studies the behavior of the wild animals present on the site, particularly that of the monkeys. A census of birds, trees and medicinal plants is also carried out. Action is also being taken on waste treatment in the village and surrounding area.

The role of ecovolunteers on the farm in Kenya

Immersed in this eco-responsible farm in Kenya, you will take part in the daily activities of the place: 

  • Property maintenance (fences, roofs, gardening, maintenance work, etc.) 
  • Inventory of plant and animal species ; 
  • Study of the behaviour of domestic and wild animals (in particular that of monkey families (colobus and cercopithecus), but also tree damsons and birds);
  • Manufacture of harnesses specially designed to limit the pain inflicted on donkeys, and implementation of public awareness campaigns. 
  • Interventions in the nursery school supported by the farm through its association ASES (Aide et Soutien aux Enfants de Subukia) created in 2009.
  • Waste collection during visits to villages and natural sites.

Dates and fee

2, 3 or 4 week programs. Year-round. Arrival on Saturday morning, departure on Friday evening. 

  • 880 € per person for 2 weeks 
  • 1220 € per person for 3 weeks 
  • 1440 € per person for 4 weeks 

Prices include: accommodation, food, filtered spring water, all supervised and guided activities (including leisure activities, sightseeing etc.), transfer to and from Nairobi airport (someone will pick you up).
These prices do not include:
Airfare, taxes, visas, insurance, safari supplements, extras of all kinds, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. 

  • A minimum level of English is required to take part in this project. However, several French contacts are on hand. There are no age restrictions.
  • Accommodation in twin-bedded, en-suite bandas, equipped with solar panels for electricity (there is also city electricity at present). Meals are taken at the restaurant on the lake (local and international cuisine). 
  • Supervision provided by Jackson and Edwin, qualified naturalist guides specializing in African wildlife, and by Erick when he is present in Kenya, as well as by our local guides and carers. Program supervised by Astrid, director, veterinarian and biologist by training, animal communicator, energist, personal development facilitator, author and lecturer.

This volunteer program offers an introduction to equine zooanthropology (relationships with horses), as well as an introduction to animal communication, when the co-director is present.
You'll learn Kiswhahili, as well as the customs of the Kalenjins, Kikuyus and Massai.
You'll have the opportunity to take part in cultural excursions (visit to a tea and coffee plantation, excursion to Igana view point, visit to the Village of Mary Basilica, visit to the Franciscan mission in Lower Subukia, a handicraft center for the disabled, visit to the village of Subukia...). Safaris in Nakuru and Maasai Mara parks: discover African wildlife. Observation, photography.

Eco-responsible holidays

For those who can't commit to an ecovolunteering stay, the eco-responsible farm organizes 7 to 11-day stays. These eco-tourism stays offer a variety of activities, combining encounters with the local population, cultural visits, walks, discovery of the local way of life, activities on the farm in contact with the animals and photo safaris in parks and reserves to observe the wildlife. These trips are suitable for all ages and physical conditions.

Fee of 7-day eco-responsible stay: €1,620 per person based on 2-3 people, €1,470 per person based on 4-5 people. 

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