Survival and challenge course in Andorra

  •  Survival and self-improvement course
  • Andorra
  •  5 days - summer (customized dates available)
  • Adults and teenagers aged 14 and over
  • 600 € survival course

Experience an original wilderness adventure in the heart of the Pyrenees! Take part in a survival course in Andorra. This immersive experience in the wild will take you out of your comfort zone, in complete safety, in an atmosphere of sharing and solidarity! This survival course is organized by Anthony Verlaine, known as the French Adventurer. All courses here

A unique adventure off the beaten track

Discover your inner adventurer and enjoy a transformative experience on a survival and self-improvement course in Andorra. Set in the heart of the Pyrenees mountain range, this course is an invitation to push back your own limits while reconnecting with the wilderness in the middle of the mountains.
You'll learn to master essential wilderness survival skills such as orientation, observing weather phenomena, building a shelter, finding water... But above all, you'll get out of your comfort zone, in complete safety.

A transformative experience!

In addition to the mastery of technical skills, this survival course is above all a privileged moment to explore your mental and physical limits, and to go beyond them. This experience goes far beyond classic survival techniques. It immerses you in an unpredictable and fascinating world of grandiose landscapes. A world you're not used to evolving in, where you'll have to draw on your inner resources.
And that's where the experience is transformative, as you'll discover that you're stronger than you imagined, and gain in confidence!

In kindness and solidarity

During this off-the-beaten-track adventure, you'll forge strong bonds with other participants and share intense moments. You'll experience this adventure as a group, in a spirit of caring and solidarity. All our courses are based on the Leave No Trace principle. The aim is to leave as little trace as possible of your passage. Any garbage found along the way will be brought back.

Courses with Anthony - French Adventurer

These survival and self-improvement courses are supervised by qualified professionals (survival specialists, mountain guides, sports coaches), including Anthony Verlaine, known as French Adventurer. After a career destined for the international arena, between the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UN, Anthony stepped out of his comfort zone to become a professional adventurer. He has traveled to over 100 countries to meet the peoples of the world, often with no money and in sometimes extreme conditions.

Usually, Anthony is accompanied by another professional for the training courses. His aim is to help you surpass yourself, by reconnecting you to nature. The survival techniques he teaches you have been tested in the field himself. Realistic and effective survival techniques.

  • Minors are admitted from the age of 14. A waiver is required if the teenager is not accompanied by an adult.
    Except for people with heart conditions or serious joint problems, Anthony-French Adventurer courses are open to all.
  • No particular physical condition is required, just good humor and the desire to excel and learn. As these courses take place in the mountains, you'll be climbing up and down several hundred meters a day.
  • Whether you're looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, improve your survival skills or simply enjoy an extraordinary adventure, these survival and challenge courses in Andorra offer you an intense experience.
  • Many people have already embarked on this adventure when they were going through a turning point in their lives, be it a life change or an illness.

Rates: €600 for 5 days

Included in price: food, activities, accommodation, supervisors
Not included: transport to Andorra

Upcoming dates

  • Survival course in Andorra from August 13 to 17, 2024            
  • Survival course in Andorra from August 22 to 26, 2024            
  • Survival course in Andorra from July 16 to July 20, 2024     

Franch adventurer Anthony Verlaine

About Anthony Verlaine, organizer and guide

Antony Verlaine, known as the French Adventurer, changed his life after starting his career in international diplomacy. Now a professional adventurer, he has traveled to over 100 countries in difficult conditions, opting for non-motorized transport. He has crossed the Kaokoland desert on foot in complete autonomy, crossed Swedish Lapland above the Arctic Circle on Nordic skis, hiked across Death Valley in the USA and experienced many other adventures. He has developed his survival techniques not only on solo expeditions, but also by sharing the lives of ancestral tribes in Namibia and Nunavut. These experiences have made him acutely aware of the richness of our planet and the importance of protecting it.