Ecovolunteer at a wildlife sanctuary in Ecuador

Become an eco-volunteer in Ecuador, in the heart of the Amazon, in a sanctuary for wild animals. Live an unforgettable experience while protecting biodiversity. All ecovolunteer programs in wildlife sanctuaries here

  • Wildlife refuge
  • Ecuador near Puyo, in the Amazon
  • Language: English and/or Spanish
  • From age 18
  • Minimum 2 weeks all year round
  • From €795 for 2 weeks (booking fee + program)

Wildlife refuge in Ecuador

As the Amazon rainforest is often referred to as the "lungs of the earth", it is extremely worrying to note that its destruction is intensifying year on year. Not only does deforestation in the Amazon have a negative impact on the world's climate, but it also affects the flora and fauna. Thanks to this volunteer program, you can contribute to the protection and rehabilitation of Amazonian wildlife. Ecuador is one of the world's most biologically diverse countries. It's frightening to think that over 15,000 unique animal and plant species (including the monkeys, reptiles, exotic birds and wild cats that characterize Ecuador) could one day no longer exist. 

Several hectares of Amazonian forest

This ecovolunteer program takes place in an animal sanctuary in the Amazon region of Ecuador. It offers a unique opportunity to take part in an exotic animal rehabilitation program. The main aim of the project is to rescue and care for wild animals that have been living in unsuitable conditions (e.g. kept as attractions for tourists in tiny cages or in private homes as pets, victims of animal abuse or trafficking, injured in accidents, etc.). The sanctuary has several hectares of Amazon rainforest, where the rescue center has been built and has been operating since 2006. Animals are brought in by the environmental police or other wildlife protection organizations.

Wild animal sanctuary volunteer

You'll be actively involved in a program to rehabilitate and release Amazonian animals and endangered species. Volunteers have the opportunity to discover the exotic animals of the jungle, as well as Ecuadorian culture and traditions. Animal welfare is at the heart of every working day. You'll spend 6 to 8 hours a day volunteering, Monday to Friday. You'll have weekends to relax or explore the surrounding area. You'll take part in the daily feeding of the animals, which involves collecting and preparing food in their natural habitat. In addition, you'll be responsible for building or repairing cages, cleaning them and working with the center's veterinarian. In addition to cleaning the cages, you'll help maintain the nearby hiking trails and access roads.

The refuge is open to the public

The rescue center regularly welcomes visitors and is open to the public. Entrance fees and donations from visitors are an essential source of funding to enable the center to maintain its self-sufficiency and continue its efforts to help the animals. This volunteer project on the edge of the Amazon jungle is ideal for you if you love tropical climates, exotic animals and evergreen environments. This ecovolunteering trip is truly unique.

Nota Bene: tasks may vary. They depend on factors such as the number of volunteers, time, season, current project needs and personal motivation. Each volunteer may not be fully involved in all tasks.


Minimum 2 weeks all year round.


  • Application fee: €150
  • Program cost: €645 (for a minimum 2-week stay)
  • Additional week: €210
Included in price
  • Shared room in the volunteer house
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner (Monday to Friday)
  • Professional advice in English
  • Translation of your application documents
  • Volunteer internship in Ecuador
  • English-speaking support in the country
  • Manual on Ecuador
  • Intercultural guide
  • 24/7 emergency number
  • Information on suitable travel insurance
  • Certificate of participation
Not included in price
  • Plane ticket
  • Travel insurance


Can you imagine falling asleep to the sound of monkeys playing in the trees? As many Amazonian animals are nocturnal, that's what you'll experience as an eco-volunteer at this animal rescue center in Ecuador. Volunteers live in the volunteer house, in shared bedrooms and bathrooms. Although modest, the house is comfortable. Hot water and electricity are always available, but volunteers are asked to use them responsibly. Volunteers also have access to a small swimming pool.


On working days, from Monday to Friday, the project offers full board (3 meals a day). As volunteers usually explore the region at weekends, no one prepares meals for them. On Saturdays and Sundays, volunteers staying on the project site have to prepare their own meals.

WiFi Internet access is available.


The project is located 6-7 hours southeast of Quito, 5 minutes from the town of Puyo. Around 30,000 people live in this small colonial town. Tourism has recently gained in importance, particularly in the fields of ecotourism and adventure tourism, and the town has a tourism infrastructure. As a result, Puyo is one of the liveliest towns in Ecuador's Amazon region. Even though the animal rescue center is located in the Amazon rainforest, you won't feel suffocated by the heat, as the region enjoys a tropical climate with year-round rainfall and average daily temperatures of 25°C and 17°C. 

For lovers of outdoor activities and nature, the Puyo region is a paradise! Not only do you live in the heart of unspoilt nature, but there's plenty to discover in your spare time. For example, the hot springs of Baños de Agua Santa are nearby and invite you to take a soothing bath. One of the highlights of the trip is the "Devil's Gorge" (Pailón del Diablo), just an hour's drive from Puyo. Here, you can climb breathtaking, almost vertical staircases to find yourself beside or above a waterfall that plunges into the gorge.

At weekends, the courageous can go hiking on the active Tungurahua volcano. They can swing above the jungle through the canopy. If you love nature and adventure, this is the region for you!

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