Immersion on a refuge farm in Chile

Sanctuary farm in Chile

Would you like to do something for the welfare of farm and domestic animals? This is the holiday for you.
🐮 Farm sanctuary
🐮 Chile
🐮 From 2 weeks
🐮 From 18 years old
🐮 525 € 2 weeks 55 € additional week
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Volunteer in Bolivia at a refuge for wild animals

Volunteer in Bolivia

Get involved in a wildlife sanctuary in Bolivia within a 45-hectare protected nature reserve.
🦜 Bolivia
🦜 Minimum 3 weeks
🦜 Wildlife sanctuary
🦜 From 18 years old
🦜 From €745 for 3 weeks. 165 € per additional week.
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Volunteer in a nature reserve in Peru

Natural park volunteer Peru

In the heart of the Amazon, in Peru, get involved as for the protection of fauna and flora.
🌳 Peru (Amazonia)
🌳 Nature reserve
🌳 From 2 weeks
🌳 From 18 years
🌳 From €1060 for 15 days, €1,375 for 30 days
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Volunteer in Patagonia

volunteer work patagonia

Go on an adventure as a volunteer in Patagonia, in a nature reserve.
🌳 Patagonia - Chile
🌳 From 18 years old
🌳 Minimum 4 weeks
🌳 From €480 for 4 weeks - €15 per additional week.
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Ecotourism volunteer in Ecuador

Volunteer at the lodge in Ecuador

Join a volunteer project that takes place in a lodge dedicated to ecotourism and biodiversity protection.
🌳 Ecotourism and biodiversity
🌳 Ecuador
🌳 From 18 years
🌳 From €755 for 2 weeks. 185 per additional week.
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logo south america inside

Partner agency

Le partenaire is an intercultural agency founded in 2003 by Marion, a German living in Chile. Marion specializes in organizing solidarity and participatory trips, ecovolunteer programs, language stays and educational programs throughout Latin America. This agency offers missions in Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador... Whether you're a student, professional or retired, its trips are designed for those who want to experience Latin America in a different way from that of a simple tourist. All stays with South America Inside