Volunteer on an organic farm in Costa Rica

  • Organic farm
  • Costa Rica, Province of Cartago, Paraíso de Cartago
  • Language English or Spanish
  • Minimum 2 weeks all year round
  • From age 18
  • From €785 for 2 weeks (booking fee + program)

Immerse yourself in an organic farm in Costa Rica. This ecovolunteer program is offered by an ecological farm located in the heart of the land of pura vida. Volunteers can learn how to live a sustainable lifestyle. All volunteer programs in Costa Rica here

An organic farm with a sustainable lifestyle

This volunteer program is offered by an ecological farm in the heart of Costa Rica. Volunteers can learn how to live a sustainable lifestyle. This farm is the ideal place for volunteers who want to live in harmony with nature. The finca is located in a magnificent setting on a hill overlooking the Orosi valley near Paraíso. The farm's inhabitants aim to live as self-sufficiently as possible, developing responsible habits towards their natural resources. The founder's vision is to practice organic farming, use medicinal plants and maintain a diverse ecosystem for the benefit of all residents and visitors.

Permaculture and yoga

The finca has guest houses for up to 35 visitors eager to learn more about their sustainable lifestyle and adopt a new mindset towards nature. Here are just a few of the finca's projects

  • Reforestation of agricultural land
  • Permaculture
  • Growing ecological plants
  • Medicinal plant cultivation
  • Goat grazing
  • Organic food production
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Biological construction
  • Holistic lifestyle
  • Dance projects
  • Beekeeping

The projects are all based on four principles:

  • Natural resources (clean cultivation, composting, etc.)
  • Sustainability (solar cooking, recycling, woodworking, efficient energy use, etc.)
  • Health (vegetarian diet based on herbs and vegetables, balancing body and mind through yoga, tai chi, etc.).
  • Culture and education (cultural exchanges and mutual learning)

As a volunteer at the organic farm, you will be able to support the team in various areas of activity, such as :

  • Organic farming
  • The Botanical Gardens and the forest
  • Activities involving domestic animals (goats, horses, chickens)
  • Maintenance of the medicinal plant garden
  • Environmental education
  • Kitchen help

Note: tasks may vary. They depend on factors such as the number of volunteers, time, season, current project needs and personal motivation. Not all volunteers can be fully involved in all these tasks.


  • Minimum 2 weeks all year round


  • Application fee: €150
  • Program cost: €635 (for a minimum 2-week stay)
  • Additional week: €220

Included in price

  • Shared room in the volunteer house
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner (vegetarian)
  • Professional advice in English
  • Translation of your application documents
  • Volunteer internship in Costa Rica
  • English-speaking support in the country
  • Manuel Costa Rica
  • Intercultural guide
  • 24/7 emergency number
  • Information on suitable travel insurance
  • Certificate of participation

Not included in the price:

Airline tickets and insurance


Volunteers are housed in shared dormitories in the finca's volunteer house (single rooms may be available if there are only a few volunteers). Bathrooms are shared. The volunteer program includes three vegetarian meals a day.


This volunteer project is located in a beautiful hilly region of Costa Rica where nature is abundant. The nearest town is Paraiso de Cartago, about 45 minutes away. San José, the country's capital, is about 2 hours away by bus. In Paraiso de Cartago, the word "paraíso" literally applies. This paradise town in the south-east of Cartago province is known for its idyllic scenery and beautiful beaches. In the Cartago region, you'll find much more than beaches, as this part of the country is endowed with lush nature and volcanoes. Many outdoor activities invite you to explore this magnificent region, such as hiking, outdoor sports or cultural activities.


The climate is subtropical and, due to the finca's higher altitude, temperatures are pleasant all year round, averaging 25°C during the day. At night, temperatures are lower, allowing for a good night's rest.

In their free time, volunteers can explore the surrounding area, including Costa Rica's highest volcano, Tapanti National Park and natural hot springs. Outdoor activities include white-water rafting and hikes to waterfalls or archaeological sites. A 45-minute bus ride takes you to Cartago, the largest city nearby, where you can enjoy shopping and entertainment. You can also visit the nearby Lankester Botanical Gardens.

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