Beach clean up expedition in Costa Rica 

Discover the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica thanks to this ecovolunteer program that lets you have a positive impact on these beaches by cleaning them up! All missions in Costa Rica Here

Plastic, a blight on beaches

This volunteer program takes place in Costa Rica, a small country located between the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, with countless dream beaches. From quiet coves to crashing waves, palm-fringed beaches to rocky shores, Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination. However, this little paradise is not spared from man-made problems. Plastic and other garbage are a real nuisance on its beaches.

Collecting plastic and waste on beaches and in rivers

Beach clean-up expeditions are at the heart of this volunteering trip to Costa Rica. Beach outings take place daily in different parts of the country. The aim is to collect as much plastic and garbage as possible from beaches and rivers. Volunteers from all over the world support the mission to rid the coasts of plastic waste, while having fun at the same time.

Protecting artificial coral reefs

One of the focal points of the project is the protection of artificial coral reefs in a marine reserve. Rounded structures have been built to encourage coral growth and provide shelter for fish and other marine life. Volunteers gain valuable experience by building these artificial reefs and observing them in nearby ocean waters. The project is relatively recent, but it has already produced amazing results, with fish and coral already populating the "spheres". Volunteers are the driving force behind this wonderful ecological project. Thanks to their enthusiasm and environmental awareness, they are helping to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans.

An active role in beach clean-up expeditions

Eco-volunteers play an active role in beach clean-up expeditions. To understand and support the project's mission of protecting the environment as a whole, volunteers not only take part in beach clean-ups, but also in the recycling process. This involves sorting waste/plastics for recycling.
As walking the beaches every day can sometimes be exhausting, volunteers can also take part in other ecological projects such as :

  • Maintenance work (cleaning work equipment, painting, upkeep) 
  • Social projects with the local population, such as environmental education with school classes or the installation of recycling garbage cans in neighboring towns.


Minimum 2 weeks, all year round


Application fee: €150
Program cost: €740 (for a minimum stay of 2 weeks)
Additional week: €345
Each additional week from week 4: €315

Included in price

  • Shared room in the volunteer house
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Professional advice in English
  • Translation of your application documents
  • Volunteer internship in Costa Rica
  • English-speaking support in the country
  • Manuel Costa Rica
  • Intercultural guide
  • 24/7 emergency number
  • Information on suitable travel insurance
  • Certificate of participation

Not included in fees

Airline tickets and travel insurance


Volunteers live in shared rooms within the volunteer camp, in a beautiful beach resort surrounded by lush rainforest and stunning beaches. Volunteers can use the resort's facilities such as hiking trails, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, gardens, restaurants, mini-markets and activities offered by the resort. The program includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Volunteers receive vouchers for use in the center's restaurants. The volunteer house has electricity, drinking water, WIFI internet access and a good cell phone signal.


Located in the heart of Costa Rica's central Pacific coast, this volunteer project is surrounded by lush greenery, beautiful beaches, rivers and waterfalls. The volunteer camp is close to Jaco Beach and only an hour and a half from San José. 

In their free time, volunteers can enjoy a wide range of activities* including snorkeling, birdwatching, hiking, kayaking, beach volleyball, mini-golf, beach soccer, yoga, tennis, table games, ping-pong, waterfall tours, zip-lining, boat trips and, of course, surfing. ....
Jaco beach is an ideal vacation spot. It's a popular surfing destination, with dream beaches and a laid-back lifestyle. It's an ideal place to volunteer while enjoying the country's natural beauty and "pura vida" lifestyle.

*Activities may incur an additional cost.

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