Protect the puma in Argentina

  • Puma protection
  • From age 18
  • 2 to 12 weeks
  • Argentina
  • Intermediate Spanish
  • From €1110, tax deductible

The Puma project welcomes ecovolunteers from all over the world, ready to contribute and spend unforgettable moments at the Puma Nature Reserve. In return, they will receive training in various fields such as building with alternative materials, wild animal care, biodiversity studies, species protection, etc.

The puma mission in Argentina's Cordoba region

The NGO you'll be working with is dedicated to protecting the environment. Its aim is to make people more aware of their responsibility towards nature.
The first mission is to educate communities about the condition of the puma, which has become an endangered species in the Cordoba region and throughout Argentina. Projects have been set up by the NGO to restore the fauna and flora of the puma's natural habitat through education and research programs.
The NGO's ultimate goal is to restore the mountain range that has been affected by forest fires and destroyed by urbanization. Restoration will enable the integration of endemic plant and animal species.
The reserve takes in animals found in traps, or victims of exotic animal trafficking. Most of them are released back into their natural environment, while others remain in the reserve for convalescence.

The role of ecovolunteers in Argentina

  • Guide visitors through the reserve, conferences and workshops. They'll also have to explain the region's environmental challenges.
  • Help control exotic species and manage seed banks of various native species
  • Animal welfare (care, feeding, etc.)
  • Take part in animal studies, helping investigators and checking cameras.
  • Participate in site maintenance through trail maintenance, cleaning, waste management for recycling.

DATES: Year-round
DURATION: 2 to 24 weeks

Number of weeksRateRate after tax deduction*.
2 Weeks1300 €433.42 €
3 Weeks1600 €533.44
4 Weeks1900 €633.46 €
5 Weeks2200 €733.48 €
6 Weeks2180 €741.2 €
7 Weeks2900 €966.86 €
8 Weeks3250 €1083.55 €
9 Weeks3550 €1183.57 €
10 Weeks3900 €1300.26 €
11 Weeks4250 €1416.95 €
12 Weeks4600 €1533.64 €
Mission eligible for tax deduction *.

Accommodation :
Volunteers sleep on site in shared rooms. Each room has 5 beds with mattresses; you'll need to bring your own sleeping bag. Shared bathroom.

Level of Spanish or English required: intermediate.

You must be in good mental and physical health to be able to participate:
- You must be respectful of other cultures.
- You must be tolerant of others and respect differences.
- You must be able to work as part of a team as well as on your own.
- You must be a proactive person.
- It is very important that volunteers applying for this position love animals and nature.


The partner association

Le partenaire is a 1901 association registered in France, whose mission is to encourage participation in ethical and sustainable development projects. It connects NGOs, social action associations and government structures with volunteers. It promotes solidarity and participative travel. The partner is a certified WYSE Travel Confederation Member. WYSE is a global non-profit organization representing youth and student travel stakeholders worldwide. It is also a member of the AFNOR commission for the development of the international standard on responsible tourism, a member of the International Mobility Committee, certified as an Australian specialist, accredited by the international group ICEF, a member of EAIE (European Center of Expertise, Networking and Resources for the Internationalization of Higher Education) and a member of the travel4impact Network. All missions with Freepackers

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