Volunteer with animals in Namibia

  • Protecting wild animals in Namibia
  • From 2 to 8 weeks
  • From age 18
  • Namibia
  • From €1444 - €481.83 after tax deduction

The wild animal preservation mission in Namibia gives you the chance to get involved in a wild animal refuge in the heart of the savannah. The center takes in injured or orphaned animals, cares for them and then releases them. All volunteer programs here.

History of the wildlife project in Namibia

Initially, the clinic was set up to help the San people by providing free health care. The trigger for the creation of the refuge was the tragic and unnecessary death of a San baby in 2003. The creation of the nature reserve and animal sanctuary in its current form came about in 2007.
The foundation aims to preserve Namibia's lands, cultures and wildlife, and above all, to create jobs for all those welcomed by the clinic.

Foundation values 

  • Peaceful human-animal coexistence, or at least a reduction in interactional conflicts;
  • Respecting the environment, protecting wildlife, including fauna, and enhancing their value;
  • Promoting and defending the concept of nature belonging to no-one but itself;
  • Integrating local cultures, especially those of the Bushman, into conservation projects;
  • The adoption of innovative methods to protect wildlife and natural habitats.

Volunteer with animals in Namibia

Whether you're a fan of the great outdoors or just an animal lover, this is the project for you! Unforgettable moments in the heart of Namibia await you! Located 45 km from Windhoek, the refuge is set in the Namibian bush. Providing care and shelter for endangered and orphaned species, the center is there to give them a second chance. Once in remission, the animals are released back into their natural environment, with only the weakest or those that have become too "humanized" remaining in the refuge. And in the animal protection sector, the organization with which you are involved has gained worldwide recognition.

Volunteer activities in the wildlife reserve

Life on the savannah is fraught with danger for animals of all species!
Whether they are large predators such as lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, caracals, or natural prey such as warthogs, antelopes and baboons, as well as numerous birds, small mammals and other farm animals, the sanctuary offers them the necessary care or protection in the event of injury or threat.
But all this care and treatment requires people, and the contribution of the interns and ecovolunteers is invaluable. Their help, as well as their investment in the protection of the fauna, ensures the sustainability of the project, contributing to the survival and development of the sanctuary!
To enable volunteers to gain as much experience as possible, without disadvantaging anyone, a system of group rotation has been instituted.

Daily activities include

  • Preparing animal feed;
  • Paddock cleaning ;
  • Monitoring animal living conditions ;
  • Construction of new facilities;
  • Research and study work: monitoring free-ranging animals, using data obtained from cameras and GPS.

All year round

Mission durationFees to be paid on registrationEstimatedcosts after tax deduction (depending on country of residence)
2 weeks1444 €481.83 €
3 weeks2024 €674.80 €
4 weeks2604 €868.17 €
5 weeks3234 €1078.22 €
6 weeks3814 €1271.59 €
7 weeks4394 €1464.96 €
8 weeks4974 €1658.33 €
9 weeks5554 €1851.70 €
10 weeks6134 €2045.08 €
11 weeks6714 €2238.45 €
12 weeks7294 €2431.82 €

Mission eligible for tax deduction *.

The partner association's educational mission and its commitment to environmental and social development mean that it is considered to be an association of general interest. As a result, people who participate in and contribute to the projects are able to deduct up to 66% (in France) of the sums involved from their taxable income.

Price includes

  • Welcome at Windhoek International Airport;
  • Three meals a day;
  • Accommodation ;
  • Weekly city transport.
  • Location: Windhoek, Namibia
  • From age 18
  • Fluent English (understand instructions, able to communicate)

The partner association

Le partenaire is a 1901 association registered in France, whose mission is to encourage participation in ethical and sustainable development projects. It connects NGOs, social action associations and government structures with volunteers. It promotes solidarity and participative travel. The partner is a certified WYSE Travel Confederation Member. WYSE is a global non-profit organization representing youth and student travel stakeholders worldwide. It is also a member of the AFNOR commission for the development of the international standard on responsible tourism, a member of the International Mobility Committee, certified as an Australian specialist, accredited by the international group ICEF, a member of EAIE (European Center of Expertise, Networking and Resources for the Internationalization of Higher Education) and a member of the travel4impact Network. All missions with Freepackers

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