Volunteering with pets in South Africa

  • Pets and education
  • South Africa
  • From age 18
  • Language: English (basic knowledge)
  • 800 € for 2 weeks

Get involved with domestic animals in South Africa, at the gateway to the Kruger Park. This volunteer program will enable you to help dogs in rural areas, as well as helping to educate children about the protection of domestic and wild animals.All volunteer programs here

Rescuing dogs in rural areas and educating children

Situated at the gateway to the Kruger Park, the village in which the association hosting the volunteers operates was known for its rich biodiversity and exceptional wildlife. But poaching and illegal trade in wild animals are destroying the natural wealth of these rural villages. Faced with this situation, an association has decided to take action, starting by saving domestic animals. Animals that are used to being used as labor.

Changing the way we look at all animals

The members of the association want to change this situation by changing the way people look at all animals. Their primary aim is to help domestic animals, especially dogs, but their ultimate goal is to ensure that people and animals live in peace. They want to show that wildlife is more than just a means of subsistence. To achieve this, the association's members work on several fronts: 

  • Care for injured animals, 
  • Education policy for schools on the importance of animal protection, 
  • Support for wildlife conservation projects 
  • Helping disadvantaged village children.

Between a small village and a farm 

You share your time between the rural community of a small village and a farm of several hectares. You'll be supervised by the permanent team and veterinarians, so you can take part in all the association's activities: helping out at the care center for injured animals; educating children about the conservation of animal species.

Help at the care center

You will accompany the team in rural areas and work in the care center with animals undergoing rehabilitation. This is a unique opportunity if you want to gain experience in animal care techniques (sterilization, vaccination and convalescence), as well as in nature reserve management (through outings in the savannah). Here are the main tasks entrusted to you:

  • Participation in sterilization and vaccination campaigns
  • Taking care of animals undergoing rehabilitation
  • Rescuing injured animals
  • Observe and count wildlife in nature reserves and remove potential animal traps
  • Garden and care center maintenance
  • Assisting the team in the education of the children 
  • Participate in events for disadvantaged children
  • All year round
  • Minimum two weeks
  • Two weeks: €800

Included in fees

  • Accommodation and food
  • Training on specific tasks, supervised by the care center team
  • Daily activities and access to center equipment
  • Outings to schools and local communities (outreach)
  • Wifi

Not included in fees

  • Transportation (plane tickets, airport transfers)
  • Insurance
  • Additional food and beverages
  • Kruger Park outings and other activities


  • Minimum age : 18 (unless accompanied by a parent/guardian)
  • Language: English
  • At ease with animals in general
  • Interest in care and education
  • Be in good physical condition


You'll be staying in a lodge that offers rooms for 2 to 4 people, with boys and girls in separate bedrooms. It is also possible to book a private room or cottage for a couple or family. All rooms are equipped with a fan. The lodge offers free Wi-Fi access and a laundry service.


Vegetarian diet including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

During your free time, you can enjoy the swimming pool or take a trip to Kruger Park, Blyde River Canyon...

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About the partner association

The partner association is a French association created in 2021, which works for the conservation of species and their environments. It enables people to go on 'field' missions, in the form of eco-volunteering, to help highly ethical partner projects in the countries of intervention. Today, Bwild is made up of a team of 6 people, all keen to make a difference in environmental preservation and conservation. The association devotes all the resources it collects to research, rehabilitation and conservation of wild fauna and flora. It also invests in the creation of educational content to raise awareness in schools and businesses.