On the trail of the wolf on snowshoes in the Alps

A scientific family adventure in the heart of the Alps in winter, on the trail of predators. All volunteer programs here.
  • Scientific voyage
  • France, Alps
  • Tailor-made dates from 12 people - Special New Year's Day 2024
  • Ideal for families. Children aged 7 and over
  • Language: French
  • 1290 € per week - 438.6 € after tax deduction

The scientific project on Alpine predators

Large predators such as the wolf and lynx have been making a comeback in Europe in recent years. This return is accompanied by major changes for their preferred prey: deer, roe deer and chamois. In addition to the impact on deer, the return of large predators to the Alps is likely to lead to changes in mountain biodiversity. But are the wolf and lynx a boon to biodiversity, as their supporters claim? Or will they, on the contrary, lead to the disappearance of certain species? It was to answer these questions that the scientific trip Pisteur des Alpes, sur les traces du loup (Tracking the Alps, in the footsteps of the wolf) was created.

Assessing the return of large predators

The primary objective of this research project is to attempt to survey and evaluate large fauna populations (deer, roe deer, chamois, etc.). The aim is to collect data on biodiversity in Champsaur in relation to the return of large predators, so as to be able to assess the impact (positive or negative) of large predators on biodiversity. This concerns large mammals, plants and insects. These data will then be combined with the data collected during summer sojourns.

Biodiversity monitoring methods

Finally, from a methodological point of view, we need to develop effective methods for monitoring large fauna, adapted to groups of motivated beginners. Indeed, our very partial knowledge of the biodiversity we live with is largely due to the lack of specialists capable of studying it: developing citizen initiatives to study biodiversity is therefore a major challenge! The more people who know how to study biodiversity, the better.

The trip takes place in the Champsaur, at Ancelle. You'll set off on snowshoes on the trail of the wild animals of the forests and mountains to take stock of their populations. A maximum amount of time will be spent in the wild, searching for, identifying, counting and locating wildlife tracks and clues! So don't forget your backpack, warm clothes, field notebook, binoculars, GPS and spyglass, and let's get out and explore the great outdoors!

What is prospecting? It's a period of observation to find animal footprints in the snow, their droppings and the remains of their meals.

If the weather's bad, there's plenty to do at LINABIO. You'll be able to classify your samples, check your identifications using the large naturalist library and record your discoveries on a map...

But even researchers need to relax, so there will be a myriad of extra-scientific activities, including games, parties, discovery workshops and other sporting activities, not forgetting hot chocolates to cheer up our sportsmen and women!


  • New Year Special - 31 /12/23 to 6/01/2024
  • Tailor-made dates are available for groups of 12 or more.


  • 1,290 € for 7 days - €438 after tax deduction*.

Tax deductible *


The accommodation in Champsaur is the Hotel Le Torrent. This hotel, located in the village resort of Ancelle, is at the foot of the slopes. It offers easy access to the slopes in winter and hiking in summer. Local shops and medical services are also close at hand.
Rooms can accommodate 3 to 6 people, with double beds or bunk beds.


Meals are mostly typical mountain fare: fondue or a traditional raclette once a week. You'll need either 4-wheel winter tires (sufficient in 97% of situations with snow on the road) or chains (cheaper, still sufficient, but less practical).

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