Ecuador: volunteers for sea turtles and the rainforest

  • Sea turtles and the rainforest
  • Ecuador
  • From age 18
  • Languages: English and/or Spanish
  • 2 weeks minimum
  • From €460

Go to Ecuador on a project to conserve marine turtles and the last remaining tropical forests. This ecovolunteering mission takes place in the fabulous Galera-San Francisco marine reserve. All volunteer programs here

Protecting sea turtles and forests 

Get involved in Ecuador to preserve marine turtles and the last rainforests. The mission takes place in the Galera-San Francisco marine reserve. Research has shown that this marine reserve is as biologically rich as the Galapagos Islands. So, in 2008, after several years' work and the participation of the local population, cca was declared the first marine reserve in continental Ecuador. The reserve protects three ecosystems: marine, coastal and estuary. A vast coral system is home to the largest collection of black corals in South America.

Leatherback, hawksbill, green and olive ridley turtles

The marine park is home to various species of fish, as well as marine mammals such as bottlenose dolphins and humpback whales. Whales reach Ecuador's coasts between June and September. The park's coastal ecosystem is home to four species of sea turtle (leatherback, hawksbill, green and olive ridley), which come to lay their eggs every year. However, these ecosystems are threatened by overfishing, habitat destruction, deforestation, pollution and urban development. The inhabitants of this region are heavily dependent on natural resources for their livelihoods, with fishing being one of the main activities of local communities.

This volunteering project in Ecuador's Galera-San Francisco marine reserve is twofold: protecting sea turtles and preserving the rainforest using regenerative agriculture principles.

Preserving sea turtles

Participants in this program will learn all about sea turtle conservation, from nesting to the hatching of baby turtles. You'll be accompanied by biologists specialized in marine life. Monitoring sea turtle nesting beaches is exciting and fun, but it's also very demanding! On the program: beach clean-ups, nest monitoring, environmental awareness campaigns in nearby schools and beach litter collection. The nesting season begins in June and continues until December.

Protecting the rainforest

The second part of the volunteering program involves protecting the surrounding rainforest. The volunteer participates in reforestation through regenerative agriculture. This technique enables the community to produce its own cocoa and many other fruits in a way that respects wildlife.
On the program: Participation in fruit tree maintenance; tree planting, pruning and fruit harvesting.

  • All year round 
  • Minimum 2 weeks maximum 6 months
  • Turtle nesting season between June and December.
  • 2 weeks: €460
  • 4 weeks: 800 euros

Included in fees  

Food and accommodation included

Not included in fees  

  • Airline tickets
  • Travel insurance
  • Basic knowledge of English or Spanish
  • From 18 years of age. Minors may be admitted if accompanied by a guardian.
  • Turtle nesting season between June and December.
  • Accommodation in rooms for 2 or 3 people, shower, dry toilets
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About the partner association

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