Immersion on a refuge farm in Chile

Sanctuary farm in Chile

Would you like to do something for the welfare of farm and domestic animals? This is the holiday for you.
🐮 Farm sanctuary
🐮 Chile
🐮 From 2 weeks
🐮 From 18 years old
🐮 525 € 2 weeks 55 € additional week
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Volunteer on an organic farm in Costa Rica

Farm costa rica

Immerse yourself in an organic farm in Costa Rica the land of pura vida.
🐐 Organic farm
🐐 Costa Rica
🐐 Language: English or Spanish
🐐 From 18 years old
🐐 From €785 for 2 weeks (booking fee + program)
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Costa Rica: eco-volunteer on a horse farm

horses liberte costa rica

Join a family project whose days are punctuated by horseback riding and life on an organic farm, with the Farm & building Volunteer program
🐴 Organic horse farm
🐴 Costa Rica
🐴 From 18 years old
🐴 284 € one week
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