Immersion on a refuge farm in Chile

Sanctuary farm in Chile

Would you like to do something for the welfare of farm and domestic animals? This is the holiday for you.
🐮 Farm sanctuary
🐮 Chile
🐮 From 2 weeks
🐮 From 18 years old
🐮 525 € 2 weeks 55 € additional week
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Volunteer in Patagonia

volunteer work patagonia

Go on an adventure as a volunteer in Patagonia, in a nature reserve.
🌳 Patagonia - Chile
🌳 From 18 years old
🌳 Minimum 4 weeks
🌳 From €480 for 4 weeks - €15 per additional week.
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Chile, a wild land of mythical places

Chile is a South American country that stretches along the Pacific Ocean from north to south. It has a great diversity of territories. Chile has a long coastline, making it one of the narrowest countries in the world. This coastline offers magnificent beaches, famous ports such as Valparaiso and important fishing regions.

  • To the east of Chile lies the Andes mountain range, an imposing chain of mountains that runs the length of the country. The Andes are home to the famous Ojos del Salado volcano, the highest in the world.
  • The Atacama Desert, located in the north of the country, is one of the driest deserts on the planet. It is famous for its lunar landscapes, salars and world-renowned astronomical observatories.
  • Patagonia, in southern Chile, is characterized by fjords, glaciers, national parks and vast wilderness. It's a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers.
  • Easter Island, in the South Pacific, is a Chilean territory famous for its monumental stone statues known as "moai". It is located over 3,700 kilometers from the Chilean coast.
  • Central Chile, including the Santiago metropolitan region, is the country's most densely populated area. It is home to much of Chile's economic and cultural activity.
  • Chile has many islands and archipelagos along its coast, including the Chiloé archipelago, famous for its wooden churches, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Biodiversity volunteer in Chile

Thanks to the diversity of its territory, Chile boasts a rich biodiversity.

The Atacama Desert is home to plant species adapted to extreme conditions. Southern Chile isfamous for its beech and cypress forests, and for the presence of the Araucaria, a prehistoric tree.
Chile also offers a wide variety of wildlife, with guanacos, Humboldt penguins and the Andean condor, one of the world's largest birds. The waters of the Pacific Ocean are teeming with marine life: whales, dolphins and other sea creatures.
Unfortunately, many of Chile's species and ecosystems are threatened by deforestation, pollution and other factors... Chile has taken steps to protect its biodiversity by creating national parks and implementing conservation regulations. However, the challenges of biodiversity preservation persist and require ongoing efforts to preserve the unique ecosystems and endangered species in this diverse country.

Volunteer programs are available in Chile, particularly in Patagonia and on Easter Island. This is your chance to get involved in mythical places with breathtaking landscapes!