Study dolphins in Mozambique

  • Dolphins
  • Mozambique
  • Minimum 2 weeks - all year round - accompanied groups on fixed dates
  • From age 18
  • Language: English (basic knowledge)
  • From €1,000

Join a team pioneering ethical dolphin watching and protection! You'll be staying in the fabulous Ponta Do Ouro Bay in Maputo National Park in southern Mozambique! All dolphin volunteering missions here

Cetacean watching and ethical tourism

The research center you will join is dedicated to the ethical observation and study of Mozambique's dolphins and whales. Observations take place in Ponta Do Ouro Bay, an area renowned for its cetacean-watching and rich marine biodiversity. The team on site is studying a population of dolphins known as the Ponta dolphins, which find refuge in the shallow waters of Maputo National Park (MNP). This national park borders the Isimangaliso World Heritage Site, in the Lubumbo transboundary conservation area between South Africa and Mozambique. The research center's team has paved the way for ethical and responsible tourism for marine mammals.

Raising awareness of marine mammal protection

Its aim is to facilitate encounters with wild dolphins, raise awareness of the need to protect marine mammals, and collect data to better protect cetaceans. Some species, such as dolphins, are resident and can be observed all year round in Maputo National Park. Other cetaceans, such as humpback whales, are present during the winter months when they migrate to Ponta do Ouro.

Volunteers provide invaluable assistance

The volunteer collects data on cetaceans, supervised by a research team. He or she participates in the observation and study of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins. Throughout your stay, you'll be observing various marine species, including bottlenose dolphins, humpback whales (depending on the season) and turtles. Here are the main tasks in which ecovolunteers participate:

  • Dolphin and whale watching on land ; 
  • Dolphin and whale watching from a boat and in the water with mask and snorkel.
  • Data entry and photo management.
  • Skeleton reconstruction project (for the Maison des): preparation, cataloguing and reconstruction of a marine mammal skeleton for educational purposes.
  • Assistance in the event of animal stranding
  • Surveys on micro-plastics, water sampling and beach cleaning
  • Assistance in managing social networks, blogs and educational content

Would you prefer to join a group for this adventure? You may be reluctant to take the plunge, especially if your English isn't good enough. Group travel is possible with our partner association, which offers this ecovolunteering trip on fixed dates. Throughout your stay, you'll be accompanied by Laure, a Frenchwoman and co-founder of the association.

2 weeks in Mozambique
Ecovolunteering in a dolphin research center
  • Dolphin and cetacean research
  • Data collection at sea and from the beach
  • Identification of local dolphins
  • Raising awareness of marine protection
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Starting dates for group missions: 19/02/24 - 11/03/24
  • Price : €1,100 per person
  • All year round
  • Minimum 2 weeks
  • 2 weeks: €1,000
  • 1 month: €1,700
  • 2 months: €3,300

Included in fees

  • Accommodation and food (2 meals per day, except Sunday)
  • Training on specific tasks, supervised by the research team
  • Daily activities and access to center equipment
  • Outings on board
  • A "Dolphin Pack" (t-shirt, certificate of participation, photos/videos, etc.)

Not included in fees

  • Transportation (plane tickets, airport transfers)
  • Visa and insurance
  • Research permit fees (for trainees)
  • Sunday meals
  • Additional food and beverages
  • The sim card for Internet access
  • Over 18s (unless accompanied by a parent/guardian)
  • Language: English 
  • Physical condition : healthy and comfortable in water
  • Interest in marine mammals - No special skills required
  • All year round, from 2 weeks upwards
  • Accommodation at the Dolphin Volunteer House
  • Airport transfer available at extra cost.
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About the partner association

The partner association is a French association created in 2021, which works for the conservation of species and their environments. It enables people to go on 'field' missions, in the form of eco-volunteering, to help highly ethical partner projects in the countries of intervention. Today, Bwild is made up of a team of 6 people, all keen to make a difference in environmental preservation and conservation. The association devotes all the resources it collects to research, rehabilitation and conservation of wild fauna and flora. It also invests in the creation of educational content to raise awareness in schools and businesses.