Immersion in an eco-environment in the Dordogne

  • Eco-environment internship
  • One week
  • Adults, solos and families welcome
  • French (basics)
  • France (Dordogne)
  • From €250

Looking for an eco-friendly, learning vacation in France? A third place awaits you in the Dordogne! You'll enjoy an experience in the heart of nature, punctuated by ecological workshops. The immersive courses organized by this ecolieu will introduce you to permaculture, low tech and sound travel. All selected missions here

The ecolieu project in Dordogne

The origins of this eco-environment lie in the life project of a family seeking to act in favor of a more ecological and caring world. Their story began when they fell in love with 10 hectares of preserved land in the Dordogne. Today, the small ecological farm is an oasis committed to sustainable tourism, offering an inspiring place for ethical vacations off the beaten track. An eco-environment where you can recharge your batteries in unusual, eco-friendly accommodation, while taking part in daily workshops.

Respect for permaculture principles

The ecolieu's organic farm respects the principles of agroecology and permaculture design. No pesticides are used on the ecolieu. The animals fertilize and maintain the surroundings through their grazing and manure. Ecological household products are made on site, those used on the farm are certified AB by Ecocert, and the buildings are constructed in a sustainable manner. The materials used for construction are local and recyclable (e.g. earth, wood, lime from St Astier, straw, etc.). Everything has been designed to minimize the impact on our environment.

You eat organic and local

During your stay, you'll learn about energy saving, selective waste sorting, composting, eating "organic and local" and protecting biodiversity. The aim is for you to leave your stay transformed! Water is considered a precious resource. That's why we use dry toilets. In addition, several rainwater harvesting ponds have been created to preserve and encourage biodiveristy on the ecolieu.

Dare to create your own eco-environment

During your stay, you will take part in daily workshops.
Course timetable

Saturday: arrival and installation 

Sunday: visit and presentation of the ecolieu, the training program... The afternoon is free. Time to enjoy the pool!

Monday: introduction to permaculture: you'll discover the main principles of permaculture (managing water resources, creating a lasagne in the vegetable garden, caring for and valuing local animals...), to inspire you and help you design your own reflection in your project and produce a harmonious, resilient, productive and sustainable environment.

Tuesday: Body & Mind rejuvenation. After a session of Hatha Yoga (before breakfast), an experienced meditator will accompany you for a mediation in mindfulness to anchor you in the present moment. The workshop takes place in the forest. In the afternoon, you'll learn foot and facial reflexology and end the day with a sound journey.

Wednesday: reconnect with the plant world. You'll take part in a morning walk to discover wild plants on the ecolieu, followed by a pick-your-own. Then, an ethnobotanist will teach you how to recognize the plants so you can make your own personalized infusion. The day continues with a sylvotherapy workshop.

Thursday: eco-construction and ethology. You'll be introduced to eco-construction and low tech. During the workshop, you'll learn about the main ecological materials. An afternoon hike with donkeys awaits you.

Friday : Friday is a time for sharing and relaxation

Every evening at 6 p.m., you'll be invited to help feed the animals

Want to bring the whole family? Don't worry, we'll be offering children's workshops throughout the summer, so that parents can take part in the course with complete peace of mind. Children will discover land-art and take part in creative and zero-waste workshops.

Dare to create your own eco-environment" summer immersion courses 2023

  • July 29 to August 5 
  • August 5 to 12
  • August 12 to 19 
  • August 19 to 26
Rates: rates depend on the type of accommodation chosen. L'écolieu offers a range of accommodation options, from yurts to Kerterre and Tiny Houses.
  • 150 € per person for the whole course (Children's workshop 10 €). Accommodation is extra. 
  • Accommodation costs average 600 euros per week.
  • 245 euros for 2 people for 7 nights camping.
  • From 875 euros for 7 nights for 2 adults and 2 children in the large yurt.
  • 470 € for 7 nights in Kerterre for 2 people.
  • 600 € for 7 nights for 2 adults and 2 children for the glamping tent.
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The partner association

L'écolieu is an organic farm that carries out agricultural and eco-tourism activities. The association was created in November 2014. Its aim is to promote ecology in all its forms, projects around sustainable agriculture, eco-construction and renewable energies.